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Ocean View Basketball

Home of the Seahawks

2021 Golden West League Champions

27 League Championships - 2 CIF Championships






2022-2023 Varsity Team 

Student Athletes

Top row left to right: Blake G. Luke P. Peyton G. Daniel D. Justin N. Max L.

Bottom row left to right: Brayden A. Caleb K. Noah N. Jorian S. Phelopeter "Lefty" I. Aaron P. LeRoy D.

Not Pictured: Tyler P., Luke S. 

Head Varsity Coach
Assistant Coaches
Head Athletic Trainer

Steve Harris

Chris Melton, Jose Maldonado

Not Pictured: Cristian Pineda, Cash Shnekenburger

Troy Conway

Team Manager

Pele Wells

2022-2023 Junior Varsity Team

Head Coach

Julian Santiago

Assistant Coach

Michael Dechene

Student Athletes

Top row left to right: Luke G. Seth W. Trevor B. Logan C. Isiah P.

Bottom row left to right: Ezekiel C. Anthony V. Kirby A. Fabian L.

Not Pictured: Oswaldo L.

2022-2023 Frosh/Soph Team

Head Coach

Khristian Nielsen

Assistant Coach

Vincent Perry

Student Athletes

Top row left to right: Bryan G. Chris S. An N. Jacob N. Joshua P. Chris V. Alex M.

Bottom row left to right: Jose S. Tyler C. Connor D. Dominic C. Aviv S. Cavin F. David C. Devyn J.

Not Pictured: Gavin A.

Team Photos Taken and Provided by Steve Alfano Photography  |

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